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What is the cost of shipping?

The shipping cost is - 28 USD. Once you order is over 600$ then you get a free shipping.

7. You may begin to worry and report  if a package is more than 15 days late, smaller delays are considered normal as the mail service is not stable..

8. Products are stored in different warehouses in different countries, so we split the orders in as many packages as it is needed and the shipping date may differ with 24-48 hours from package to package.

9. After the package is shipped you will be notified by mail about this and also an expected arrival date will be provided in your order history on the site.

10. The expected arrival dates are provided by the mail service and are not accurate, the real arrival date may differ with 3-5 days from the displayed one.

11.The shipping speed can't be influenced by us as the mail service is out of our competence, so we can;t exclude shipping delays.

12.Billing address and shipping address may be different. the shipping address must be real and available for you for at least 40 days.

13.If you want an order to split and sent to different addresses, then you have to place different orders and fill there the addresses you need, in this case you'll have to pay the shipping fee only once.


We are not shipping to the following locations: Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, Singapore, South Koreea, Sweden, Norway and Denmark,Finland,Italy,Netherlands,Philippines,Switzerland,Portugal.


1. Please read the ordering instructions before placing an order.

2. After an order is placed it will stay inactive until you pay for it and we'll begin processing it within 24 hours after we get the funds.

3. You can cancel and delete an order whenever you want but only in the case it is not activated, in cases when the order is paid or activated by us you have to request it's cancellation by sending a ticket.

4. Placed order won't save the products in stock, so if difference between the date you have placed the order and payment date is longer than 1 week you have to confirm the availability of the ordered products by ticket.

5. placing an order will freeze the price, so if the order is kept unpaid in the system and when you decide to pay for it the pricing is changed, then you'll have to pay the old price stated in your order.

6. If you order a large amount of different products but the amount per product is not enough to get a bulk discount, then just order them and contact us to fix a reduced price in the limits of our marketing policy.

7. We have to inform you that there are sometimes shipping delays caused by technical problems, but this is not a reason to worry or to be disappointed. If an order is held in the store more then 7 days, please create a ticket and ask for compensation, we are giving credits in such cases.

8. You can always check the status, content and other information about your order in your order history available from your account on the site.

9. The order tracking code attached to your purchase shouldn't be confused with mail tracking number (reference number), they are completely different items.

10. if you have ordered by mistake the products you don't need and haven't managed to clarify this with us untill the shipping date, then we won't reship you the needed product.

10.Each time when you receive a package you have to log in the site, open your order history and in the field near to each product from that package you have to enter the received amount and click accept, this way you are informing us that the package has been received.

We are not shipping to the following locations: Australia, Canada, New Zeeland, Singapore, South Koreea, Sweden, Norway and Denmark,Finland,Italy,Netherlands,Philippines,Switzerland.

Reshipping policy

1. Shipping delay is being counted after the expected date displayed in your order history.

2. A package can be considered lost if it is more than 30 days over due.

3. The first complain of mail delay should be sent not sooner than on the 15th day after the expected date shorter delays are not a reason to worry as the mail is not stble.

4. On the 30th day after the expected date you have to report the package loss and get back to us with the package and order ID and a new address for reshipment.

5. A new shipping address is required to avoid further problems, if you don't want to provide it then we'll reship anyway, but the shipping won't be guaranteed, so we won't reship the second time.

6. If a missing product from your late package is out of stock when it should be reshipped then you have 2 variants - waiting for the stock update or accepting a replacement in the limits of the cost you've paid for the initial products.

7. If your package is seized and you received the seizure letter then you have to report this case in a ticket and also scan it and send to the following address :. After the letter is reviewed and the reshipment accepted you have to provide us a new address for reshipment. points "5" and "6" from this paragraph also affect the cases of seizure.

8. The sender address on the package shipped to you is fake, so we won't get it back if it is returned to sender, you have to report the reason of return in a ticket and discuss the case with an operator.

9. Missing packages because of wrong address typed are not being reshipped.

10.If you change your address (move to another house) before the expected date then the package won't be reshipped. If you do this after the expected but 30 days over due are not passed then you'll have to leave someone to receive the package at your previous address, otherwise we'll compensate only 50% of the package value.

11.Product amount shortage is being compensated after you report this and the operator makes a conclusion.

12.Arrival of wrong product is also compensated with a reshipment of the initial ordered products.

13.In case of product damage followed by inability to use it you have to report about this in a ticket.

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