1.Why Should I trust you?

We understand your question and worries but relax with Iron Pharma you are in good hands and here is why.

Here are the steps you may verify our reliability:

a.Register on one of related to us forums - hypermuscles.com and interact with members to ask their opinions and experience with us.(This may not bring any results as we are a new site and some of influent members haven't heard of us so you should try the next steps).

b.We are official resellers of such manufacturers like:

Since the domain Ironpharm.to is ours as well try both domains and on some sites try with "www" and on others without.

Anyway you dont have to worry if we would scam at least once internet forums would be full of it.

Be sure we don't want to loose our reputation and your satisfaction with our service will bring us more money than scamming people.

2.How to place an order?

1. Create an account, click here: https://www.ironpharm.to/join

- Make sure to use safe-email.

0 Check email after registration and mark our emails as NOT SPAM so you wont miss an important notification.

2. Log in, explore the site.

3.Find the products you need and click "Buy Now"

4.If you need more products to be ordered then click on "Continue Shopping", if you need to create the order then click "Order Now".(By Clicking on "Update Shopping cart" the selected products will be stored in your shopping cart memory and you'll be able to create another order another time when you need this)

5.Once clicking on "Order Now" a list of conditions will be displayed, please read them and if you agree then accept them all and click on "Continue".

6.Shipping address fields will be displayed - fill in your real shipping address. No fake addresses allowed.Click on "Continue" button after you filled all the fields.

7.Your order content and the shipping address appeared, please check all them once again and if it is alright, then click "Continue"

8.Your order is created, it is is in our database from now on, so you need to pay for it. Please click on "Payment information" to get payment details.

9.Choose the payment method you'd like to use and click "Continue".

10.If you have questions about any of available payment methods create a ticket.

3. What is the minimum order amount?

There is no minimum amount. You can just order 10 syringes :)

4. What type of delivery do you provide?

All our packages are shipped us domestic like: Beligas or Axio Lbas and internationally, safely packed.

5. What is the average arrival time?

For us domestic 6 - 7 days and international 19-22 days.

6. Will I have to sign for the package when it arrives?

Yes and no, it depends on the courier, since we ship with tracking the courier may ask you to sign for the package.

Do not worry, if the package has no open you may signs, nobody knows what is inside.

7. Do you offer tracking code?

Yes. and you may follow on USPS.com

8. My package is late, what should I do?

Mail is not perfect so delay happens but dont worry until 16 days after shipping date pass. If more than 16 days passed open one ticket and we will check help and take care.

9. What if my package doesn't arrive at all even after 30 days?

We will reship one time for free.

10. My package is semi-shipped, what is this?

It means we shipped one package and the next one is going to be shipped within next working days.

10. How quick do you ship from the day you received payment?

Usually it takes 1-3 (depends on order size) days to pack and ship order.

11. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do have bulk offers and a discount system. If you place an order larger than 1000, 1500, 2000 dollars, please contact us and we'll remake the pricing for you.

11. I have more questions, where do I send them?

Feel free to send your questions anytime here.

Thank you for your interested in ironpharm services. We wil be happy to help and establish a long lasting business partnership with you.

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